Guanaja, Honduras has some of the best kiteboarding (kitesurfing) in the Caribbean. Warm trade winds, enhanced by a local effect in the Bay of Honduras creates great windy conditions for most the year.

The Sweet Spot is located on the NE tip of the island of Guanaja, just inside the barrier reef and small keys that dot the eastern coastline. The barrier reef protects a large bay that has shallow sandbars that are perfect for riding, and provide ideal learning conditions. Most wind comes from the east, so there is a good launch and great riding right out front of the hotel. With easy access to flat water and some rolling waves.

We offer boat-based lessons daily, using one of the many shallow, uncrowded sandbars. Perfect learning conditions, with a large downwind areas for learning to ride. For experienced riders we also do Water Taxis, Supervised Downwinders and Kite Surfaris to one of the many riding spots along the reef.

You can leave your gear at home and take advantage of our full line of Cabrinha equipment. We provide gear rental with our packages, so you can travel light. Our rent by the day if needed.

Kiteboarding Price List

* in US dollars

Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced Lesson Packages

The Sweet Spot Honduras offers private and group lessons for all levels of kiteboarders. With quality instruction, safe, uncrowded, shallow sandbars and large open areas to ride and learn. Full boat support with advanced radio helmets included. Makes this the fastest and easiest way to become a safe and independent kiteboader. Or advanced lessons to learn new tricks and better technique.

1-4 hours = US$100/hour (2 hour minimum)

5-9 hours = US$95/hour

10+ hours = US$85/hour

*Lessons can be shared for extra $25/hour

*All lessons include free gear rental

*Normal lesson times are 2-3 hours per person

 Supervised Downwinder

Boat supervised downwinder from Graham’s Place that is great for riders working on new tricks or Level 2 riders learning to ride upwind. Must be level 2 or 3.


Beach Assistance

From Graham’s Place we offer Beach Assistance, which includes: Gear setup, launching/landing of kite, and breakdown of gear, rescue and assistance in case of emergency or gear breakdown. Must be a Level 3 rider.


Water Taxi

Boat ride to an upwind launching area for wave riding, exploring or to start a downwinder. Must be a Level 3 rider.


Activity Packages

Our activity packages are for people looking to get the most out of all Guanaja’s activities. Kiteboarding activities include: water taxi to sandbars/island, down winders, and Kite-surfaris. Or on non-wind days we offer activities like: Waterfall Excursion, Bioluminescence Tour, SUP, snorkeling, fishing and kayaking tours. All packages come with full gear rental for each activity.

*Prices in US dollars

                                    1 Activity                   2 Activity

1 Day                             US$85                     US$150

3 Days                           US$210                   US$300

5 Days                           US$325                     US$475

7 Days                           US$420                   US$630


Gear Rental

Kite only                    US$35/half day                    $55/day

Board only                US$25/half day                    $40/day

Combo                       US$55/half day                    $90/day

SUP                             US$25/half day                    $40/day


Standup Paddleboard

Lessons – 2 hours of instruction and touring with an experienced guide. Includes all the equipment plus and hour rental after the lesson.


Rental -Board and paddle rental for 1/2 day or full day.

Long-term rentals are also available

Half Day Rental = US$25

Full Day Rental = US$40

Excursions – Boat based excursion to take you to remote paddling locations with an experienced guide. 3 hours trip that includes all the equipment



Waterfall Excursion

A boat tour to the waterfalls and Green Flash Bar. Tour last 3 hours, with a snorkeling option that is $20/extra/person and adds 1 hour onto the tour. Snorkel gear included

US$50/person (2 person minimum) + US$20 for snorkeling stop


Bioluminescence Tour

A nighttime tour that visits the Bio Bay along and has additional stops for different types of Bioluminescence. Dinner option at Manati Bay for $15/person

US$50/person (2 person minimum) + US$15 for German dinner


Snorkeling adventure

A boat trip to snorkeling sites around the island. All gear is included and there is an option for 1 or 2 stops on the tour

One Stop = US$40/person (2 person minimum)

Two Stops = US$55/person (2 person minimum)



Fishing trips by boat. Options to troll, hand-line or rod/reel fishing. Fishing gear is included. Maximum 6 people on the boat.


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