Quality Instruction

quality instruction

The Sweet Spot Kiteboarding school is one of the most respected teaching methodologies in kiteboarding industry. Setting the standard for Kiteboard instruction.  We are a certified PASA Kiteboard School and Kiteboard Instructor Training Center.

Our progressive system is a step-by-step breakdown of each skill into easy-to-learn fundamentals.  This teaching system will help each student learn at their own pace while learning all the fundamental skills that will help them become safe and independent kiteboarders.

Besides riding the board, there are many things can happen during a kiteboarding session. Not all of them are as fun as riding… What happens if your gear breaks? Or the wind dies? You crash your kite? Lose the board? Need to land the kite and nobody is there to help?

These are all questions that you will face at different times, these are questions that we will help you answer. It is our job to teach you how to deal with all the little things that can happen, while also moving towards the big goals of riding the board, and riding eventually upwind and flying through the air.

Our location is perfect to learn all the skills that you will need to be a proficient, independent kiteboarder. Warm, calm-water, shallow and deep areas… perfect for learning.

We teach the full spectrum of kiteboarding: From first-timers to intermediates, new tricks to becoming a certified instructor. Including clinics with some of the top kiteboarders in the industry.

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