Latest Equipment


The Sweet Spot is proud to use and carry on the best watersports equipment on the market. The gear used to teach and have fun on does make a huge difference. Knowing that the gear we use is dependable and safe gives our instructors and students the confidence to get on the water and focus on learning and having fun.

The Neil Pryde group, which includes top brands such as: Cabrinha, NP, JP-Aus and Imagine, has been the industry standard for many years. Neil Pryde is able controls their products from the factory to the distribution, and the shops to the schools. So they are able to maintain the highest level of quality control and R&D. In the watersports world there is no comparison.

When you do a tour, take a lesson or do an activity you can have the confidence that the gear will perform to the highest standards. We take our business seriously and only want to work with the best. And by being an authorized dealer we can make sure that you can also bring any of the equipment home with you for a great price.


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