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Sweet Spot Kaibo SUP

The Sweet Spot has the largest selection of rental paddleboards in the Cayman Islands and Honduras.

There are different sizes, shapes and models for different people. High performance to Regular epoxy SUP boards

In Cayman you can choose from JP-Aus., Naish and Mistral boards. We also have a selection of paddles, including adjustable, aluminum and carbon paddles. Rentals can be long or short-term, and we offer delivery island wide.

In Honduras we have the Cabrinha and JP-Australia boards for rental, tours and lessons

We have the best prices available (prices in US dollar):

Hour           ½ Day (3 hours)          1 Day (24 hours)        4 Days                Week

Performance Board                              $30                      $40                              $60                     $200               $245

Regular Epoxy Board                           $25                      $35                               $55                     $160                $199     

* Includes life jacket and paddle

-Pick up/drop off $20 each way island-wide. $10 for Cayman Kai/Northside

Boards For Rent:

Performance Boards:

2013 JP-Aus. SUP

* JP-Australia All Around (10’8″ and 11’2)

These 2013 JP-Aus boards are of the highest quality construction and design. Lightweight and good for all styles of paddleboarding, from waves to cruising, or even distance paddling. Glossy finish with a 2/3 deckpad and handle.



2013 JP Aus Wide-body- JP-Australia Wide-body (10’9″)

These 2013 JP-Aus. boards are similar to the All-Around model, except that they are wider in the middle of the board. Giving extra buoyancy and stability  right where you need it most. Making it easier for the paddler, while not sacrificing too much performance. Great for touring and catching small waves. Light weight construction, 2/3rds deckpad and a handle for easy carrying. *available only in Cayman Islands


Regular Epoxy Boards:

Mistral Pacifico SUP- Mistral Pacifico (11’2″)

The Pacificos are the workhorse of the rental fleet because they are easy for beginners, but fun for more experienced paddlers. Lots of buoyancy, thick rails and a full deckpad make these good boards for the whole family. *available only in Cayman Islands



Cabrinha C-series SUP

- Cabrinha C-series Wide-Body (10’8″) 

The Cabrinha were one of the first brands to offer the Wide-Body model. Offering a performance board while providing more floatation than the narrower counterparts. This gives the boards and easy to use feel, while still feeling like a performance board. Has a 2/3rds deckpad and handle for easy carrying *available only in Honduras


- Naish Surf-style (11’6″)

Naish SUP This Naish is a very large and long surf-style SUP, great for riding all sizes of surf. It is very thick, wide and long. It is not very heavy for its size, has a handle, but no deckpad (only wax). Not only is it good for surf, but because of its buoyancy it is also good for heavier people as well.

*available only in Cayman Islands



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